pcsc-lite  1.8.26
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pcsclite.h File Reference

This keeps a list of defines for pcsc-lite. More...

#include <wintypes.h>

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Data Structures

 Protocol Control Information (PCI) More...


#define MAX_ATR_SIZE   33
 Maximum ATR size.
#define SCARD_PCI_T0   (&g_rgSCardT0Pci)
 protocol control information (PCI) for T=0
#define SCARD_PCI_T1   (&g_rgSCardT1Pci)
 protocol control information (PCI) for T=1
#define SCARD_PCI_RAW   (&g_rgSCardRawPci)
 protocol control information (PCI) for RAW protocol
#define SCARD_S_SUCCESS   ((LONG)0x00000000)
 No error was encountered.
#define SCARD_F_INTERNAL_ERROR   ((LONG)0x80100001)
 An internal consistency check failed.
#define SCARD_E_CANCELLED   ((LONG)0x80100002)
 The action was cancelled by an SCardCancel request.
#define SCARD_E_INVALID_HANDLE   ((LONG)0x80100003)
 The supplied handle was invalid.
#define SCARD_E_INVALID_PARAMETER   ((LONG)0x80100004)
 One or more of the supplied parameters could not be properly interpreted.
#define SCARD_E_INVALID_TARGET   ((LONG)0x80100005)
 Registry startup information is missing or invalid.
#define SCARD_E_NO_MEMORY   ((LONG)0x80100006)
 Not enough memory available to complete this command.
#define SCARD_F_WAITED_TOO_LONG   ((LONG)0x80100007)
 An internal consistency timer has expired.
#define SCARD_E_INSUFFICIENT_BUFFER   ((LONG)0x80100008)
 The data buffer to receive returned data is too small for the returned data.
#define SCARD_E_UNKNOWN_READER   ((LONG)0x80100009)
 The specified reader name is not recognized.
#define SCARD_E_TIMEOUT   ((LONG)0x8010000A)
 The user-specified timeout value has expired.
#define SCARD_E_SHARING_VIOLATION   ((LONG)0x8010000B)
 The smart card cannot be accessed because of other connections outstanding.
#define SCARD_E_NO_SMARTCARD   ((LONG)0x8010000C)
 The operation requires a Smart Card, but no Smart Card is currently in the device.
#define SCARD_E_UNKNOWN_CARD   ((LONG)0x8010000D)
 The specified smart card name is not recognized.
#define SCARD_E_CANT_DISPOSE   ((LONG)0x8010000E)
 The system could not dispose of the media in the requested manner.
#define SCARD_E_PROTO_MISMATCH   ((LONG)0x8010000F)
 The requested protocols are incompatible with the protocol currently in use with the smart card.
#define SCARD_E_NOT_READY   ((LONG)0x80100010)
 The reader or smart card is not ready to accept commands.
#define SCARD_E_INVALID_VALUE   ((LONG)0x80100011)
 One or more of the supplied parameters values could not be properly interpreted.
#define SCARD_E_SYSTEM_CANCELLED   ((LONG)0x80100012)
 The action was cancelled by the system, presumably to log off or shut down.
#define SCARD_F_COMM_ERROR   ((LONG)0x80100013)
 An internal communications error has been detected.
#define SCARD_F_UNKNOWN_ERROR   ((LONG)0x80100014)
 An internal error has been detected, but the source is unknown.
#define SCARD_E_INVALID_ATR   ((LONG)0x80100015)
 An ATR obtained from the registry is not a valid ATR string.
#define SCARD_E_NOT_TRANSACTED   ((LONG)0x80100016)
 An attempt was made to end a non-existent transaction.
#define SCARD_E_READER_UNAVAILABLE   ((LONG)0x80100017)
 The specified reader is not currently available for use.
#define SCARD_P_SHUTDOWN   ((LONG)0x80100018)
 The operation has been aborted to allow the server application to exit.
#define SCARD_E_PCI_TOO_SMALL   ((LONG)0x80100019)
 The PCI Receive buffer was too small.
 The reader driver does not meet minimal requirements for support.
#define SCARD_E_DUPLICATE_READER   ((LONG)0x8010001B)
 The reader driver did not produce a unique reader name.
#define SCARD_E_CARD_UNSUPPORTED   ((LONG)0x8010001C)
 The smart card does not meet minimal requirements for support.
#define SCARD_E_NO_SERVICE   ((LONG)0x8010001D)
 The Smart card resource manager is not running.
#define SCARD_E_SERVICE_STOPPED   ((LONG)0x8010001E)
 The Smart card resource manager has shut down.
#define SCARD_E_UNEXPECTED   ((LONG)0x8010001F)
 An unexpected card error has occurred.
 This smart card does not support the requested feature.
#define SCARD_E_ICC_INSTALLATION   ((LONG)0x80100020)
 No primary provider can be found for the smart card.
#define SCARD_E_ICC_CREATEORDER   ((LONG)0x80100021)
 The requested order of object creation is not supported.
#define SCARD_E_DIR_NOT_FOUND   ((LONG)0x80100023)
 The identified directory does not exist in the smart card.
#define SCARD_E_FILE_NOT_FOUND   ((LONG)0x80100024)
 The identified file does not exist in the smart card.
#define SCARD_E_NO_DIR   ((LONG)0x80100025)
 The supplied path does not represent a smart card directory.
#define SCARD_E_NO_FILE   ((LONG)0x80100026)
 The supplied path does not represent a smart card file.
#define SCARD_E_NO_ACCESS   ((LONG)0x80100027)
 Access is denied to this file.
#define SCARD_E_WRITE_TOO_MANY   ((LONG)0x80100028)
 The smart card does not have enough memory to store the information.
#define SCARD_E_BAD_SEEK   ((LONG)0x80100029)
 There was an error trying to set the smart card file object pointer.
#define SCARD_E_INVALID_CHV   ((LONG)0x8010002A)
 The supplied PIN is incorrect.
#define SCARD_E_UNKNOWN_RES_MNG   ((LONG)0x8010002B)
 An unrecognized error code was returned from a layered component.
#define SCARD_E_NO_SUCH_CERTIFICATE   ((LONG)0x8010002C)
 The requested certificate does not exist.
 The requested certificate could not be obtained.
 Cannot find a smart card reader.
#define SCARD_E_COMM_DATA_LOST   ((LONG)0x8010002F)
 A communications error with the smart card has been detected. More...
#define SCARD_E_NO_KEY_CONTAINER   ((LONG)0x80100030)
 The requested key container does not exist on the smart card.
#define SCARD_E_SERVER_TOO_BUSY   ((LONG)0x80100031)
 The Smart Card Resource Manager is too busy to complete this operation.
#define SCARD_W_UNSUPPORTED_CARD   ((LONG)0x80100065)
 The reader cannot communicate with the card, due to ATR string configuration conflicts.
#define SCARD_W_UNRESPONSIVE_CARD   ((LONG)0x80100066)
 The smart card is not responding to a reset.
#define SCARD_W_UNPOWERED_CARD   ((LONG)0x80100067)
 Power has been removed from the smart card, so that further communication is not possible.
#define SCARD_W_RESET_CARD   ((LONG)0x80100068)
 The smart card has been reset, so any shared state information is invalid.
#define SCARD_W_REMOVED_CARD   ((LONG)0x80100069)
 The smart card has been removed, so further communication is not possible.
 Access was denied because of a security violation.
#define SCARD_W_WRONG_CHV   ((LONG)0x8010006B)
 The card cannot be accessed because the wrong PIN was presented.
#define SCARD_W_CHV_BLOCKED   ((LONG)0x8010006C)
 The card cannot be accessed because the maximum number of PIN entry attempts has been reached.
#define SCARD_W_EOF   ((LONG)0x8010006D)
 The end of the smart card file has been reached.
#define SCARD_W_CANCELLED_BY_USER   ((LONG)0x8010006E)
 The user pressed "Cancel" on a Smart Card Selection Dialog.
 No PIN was presented to the smart card.
 see SCardFreeMemory()
#define SCARD_SCOPE_USER   0x0000
 Scope in user space.
#define SCARD_SCOPE_TERMINAL   0x0001
 Scope in terminal.
#define SCARD_SCOPE_SYSTEM   0x0002
 Scope in system.
#define SCARD_SCOPE_GLOBAL   0x0003
 Scope is global.
 protocol not set
#define SCARD_PROTOCOL_T0   0x0001
 T=0 active protocol.
#define SCARD_PROTOCOL_T1   0x0002
 T=1 active protocol.
#define SCARD_PROTOCOL_RAW   0x0004
 Raw active protocol.
#define SCARD_PROTOCOL_T15   0x0008
 T=15 protocol.
 IFD determines prot.
#define SCARD_SHARE_EXCLUSIVE   0x0001
 Exclusive mode only.
#define SCARD_SHARE_SHARED   0x0002
 Shared mode only.
#define SCARD_SHARE_DIRECT   0x0003
 Raw mode only.
#define SCARD_LEAVE_CARD   0x0000
 Do nothing on close.
#define SCARD_RESET_CARD   0x0001
 Reset on close.
#define SCARD_UNPOWER_CARD   0x0002
 Power down on close.
#define SCARD_EJECT_CARD   0x0003
 Eject on close.
#define SCARD_UNKNOWN   0x0001
 Unknown state.
#define SCARD_ABSENT   0x0002
 Card is absent.
#define SCARD_PRESENT   0x0004
 Card is present.
#define SCARD_SWALLOWED   0x0008
 Card not powered.
#define SCARD_POWERED   0x0010
 Card is powered.
#define SCARD_NEGOTIABLE   0x0020
 Ready for PTS.
#define SCARD_SPECIFIC   0x0040
 PTS has been set.
#define SCARD_STATE_UNAWARE   0x0000
 App wants status.
#define SCARD_STATE_IGNORE   0x0001
 Ignore this reader.
#define SCARD_STATE_CHANGED   0x0002
 State has changed.
#define SCARD_STATE_UNKNOWN   0x0004
 Reader unknown.
 Status unavailable.
#define SCARD_STATE_EMPTY   0x0010
 Card removed.
#define SCARD_STATE_PRESENT   0x0020
 Card inserted.
#define SCARD_STATE_ATRMATCH   0x0040
 ATR matches card.
#define SCARD_STATE_EXCLUSIVE   0x0080
 Exclusive Mode.
#define SCARD_STATE_INUSE   0x0100
 Shared Mode.
#define SCARD_STATE_MUTE   0x0200
 Unresponsive card.
#define SCARD_STATE_UNPOWERED   0x0400
 Unpowered card.
 Infinite timeout.
#define PCSCLITE_VERSION_NUMBER   "1.8.26"
 Current version.
 Maximum readers context (a slot is count as a reader)
#define MAX_READERNAME   128
 Maximum ATR size.
#define MAX_BUFFER_SIZE   264
 Maximum Tx/Rx Buffer for short APDU.
#define MAX_BUFFER_SIZE_EXTENDED   (4 + 3 + (1<<16) + 3 + 2)
 enhanced (64K + APDU + Lc + Le + SW) Tx/Rx Buffer


 hContext returned by SCardEstablishContext()
 hCard returned by SCardConnect()


const char * pcsc_stringify_error (const LONG)
 Returns a human readable text for the given PC/SC error code. More...


const SCARD_IO_REQUEST g_rgSCardT0Pci
 Protocol Control Information for T=0.
const SCARD_IO_REQUEST g_rgSCardT1Pci
 Protocol Control Information for T=1.
const SCARD_IO_REQUEST g_rgSCardRawPci
 Protocol Control Information for raw access.

Detailed Description

This keeps a list of defines for pcsc-lite.

Error codes from http://msdn.microsoft.com/en-us/library/aa924526.aspx

Definition in file pcsclite.h.